Where craftsmanship and fashion entwine into wearable art.

Suzan Lee Paek, Creative Director and Founder of Suzan Lee, was inspired to create an elegant, functional collection in exotic skins, which is timeless, chic, and durable. Suzan Lee is wearable art in the form of a woman's most ultimate fashion accessory.

A longtime handbag collector, Suzan wanted to incorporate comfort into a luxurious product, which would last for years. “I noticed that exotic skins were the most durable material, and I want my pieces to be an investment. My client knows luxury but is an innovator looking for something different."

Inspired by her every day surroundings as well as travels abroad, Suzan keeps lines clean, her styles classic, and uses only the finest skins available from Colombia to South Africa. The crocodile and ostrich handbags are available in bright splashes of color and the collection also offers sleek clutches to highlight your style.

"A women's handbag is more than an accessory to carry one's personal belongings. The handbag is an extension of the woman who carries it. Suzan Lee is a representation of who I am as a designer; my belief of quality, fashion, family and culture. I want the woman who carries my handbag to love it. I want her to know that I was envisioning her when I designed it."

– Suzan Lee Paek